User Interface Designs

I have worked with some amazing clients across various domains spanning from travel, tourism & hospitality, retail, banking and manufacturing. Crafting predictable positive experience is key and this is resonated in all designs regardless of form factors like mobile/tablet, web, smart watches/TVs and kiosk displays without an ounce of dip in customer experience and satisfaction. Following are few of my works in UI design space.

Logo Design

With my innate artistic skills, I kick-started my career as graphic designer and ever since logo creation has been my strongest tool in my arsenal. I firmly believe that a logo isn’t merely a brand identity but something that creates a lasting impression. The following logo created for a tech leadership forum was inspired by telegraph and Morse code, the first form of high-speed communication was well received and endorsed by the customer on various marketing artefacts.

Print Designs

Other than digital media, I have also crafted designs and layouts for magazines that keep the readers enticing and engaging at the same time. The visual hierarchy, typography, layouts, architecture and colours are carefully picked and placed with high precision for giving the readers a pleasing experience without much clutter and cognitive load. Many of these are out in public forums as well.

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